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                                  GEOGRAPHY OF RAJASTHAN

1.         Consider the following statement:
            “These were as large as a big room. They were built inside the main house or the courtyard. In the semi-arid and arid regions of Rajasthan, especially in Bikaner, Phalodi and Barmer, most of the houses used this to storing drinking water. These lines are related to which type of rain water harvesting system.
            (A) Tankas                     (B) Taba                         (C) Khadins                       (D) Bawadi

2.         In Rajasthan wells with steps are known as:
            (A) Taba                         (B) Bawari                      (C) Khadin                         (D) Tanka

3.         The political boundary between Rajasthan and Pakistan is known as:
            (A) Redcliffe line            (B) Macmohan line        (C) LOC                             (D) Meander line

4.         Which state of India has shortest land boundary with Rajasthan?
            (A) Himachal Pradesh   (B) Punjab                      (C) Gujarat                        (D) Haryana

5.         Match the following:
            Factory                                                                  District                           
            (A) Simco Railway wagon                                     (1) Ajmer
            (B) H.M.T.                                                               (2) Alwar
            (C) Ashok Leyland                                                  (3) Jaipur
            (D) Rajasthan Electronics Corporation                   (4) Bharatpur
            (A) A-2, B-1, C-4, D-3                                           (B) A-3, B-2, C-4, D-1
            (C) A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4                                          (D) A-4, B-1, C-2, D-3

6.         State flower of Rajasthan is:                                                                          
            (A) Lotus                        (B) Sunflower                 (C) Rose                            (D) Rohida

7.         State tree of Rajasthan is:
            (A) Khejri                        (B) Neem                       (C) Rohida                         (D) Peepal

8.         State bird of Rajasthan is:
            (A) Dove                                                               (B) Kurja
            (C) Black Vulture                                                  (D) Godawan (Great Indian Bustard)

9.         Read the following statements :
            (1) Thar Desert lies in the west of Aravalli.
            (2) State of Rajasthan has 33 districts.
            (3) Sex Ratio of Rajasthan is 1000: 950 in 2011.
            Which is incorrect?
            (A) 1                                                                      (B) 2
            (C) 3                                                                      (D) none of these

10.       State animal of Rajasthan is:                               
            (A) Tiger                         (B) Chinkara                  (C) Chausingha                 (D) Lion

11.       The oldest organised industry of Rajasthan is :
            (A) Cement Industry                                             (B) Sugar Industry
            (C) Cotton Textile Industry                                   (D) Vegetable Oil Industry

12.       What is the period of processing of unification of Rajasthan?
            (A) 1948 to 1956                                                   (B) 1949 to 1957            
            (C) 1948 to 1955                                                   (D) 1946 to 1955

13.       Which state of India has longest boundary with Rajasthan?
            (A) UP                            (B) MP                           (C) Gujarat                        (D) Haryana

14.       First Atomic Explosion was taken place in India at:
            (A) Trombay, Maharastra                                     (B) Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
            (C) Pokran, Rajasthan                                          (D) Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

15.       In which city of Rajasthan Nuclear Power plant is located?
            (A) Jodhpur                                                           (B) Suratgarh                 
            (C) Baran                                                              (D) Rawatbhata

16.       Mangla, N.A., N.C, Guda, Saraswati, Rageswary, Kameshwari, Greater Rageswary are the names of:
            (A) Oil fields                                                          (B) Mineral belts            
            (C) Rivers                                                             (D) Races of cows

17.       Gandhi Sagar dam is constructed on river:
            (A) Parbati                                                              (B) Mahi                        
            (C) Chambal                                                         (D) Western Banas

18.       The Bisalpur Project of Rajasthan is in the district of:
            (A) Tonk                          (B) Bundi                       (C) Jaipur                         (D) Ajmer

19.       Which of the following crops have their major (80%) cultivation in desert regions?
            (A) Bajra                         (B) Jowar                       (C) Maize                           (D) Linseed

20.       Where is Sariska National Park located?
            (A) Jaipur                       (B) Sawai Madhopur      (C) Bharatpur                   (D) Alwar

21.       Headquarter of North-Western Railway is located in:
            (A) Jaipur                       (B) Mumbai                    (C) Ahmadabad              (D) Baroda

22.       Which among the following is not a major food grain crop of Rajasthan?
            (A) Wheat                       (B) Rice                          (C) Gram                           (D) Millet

23.       On the map of a village, a serial no is marked on every land holding (FARM). This serial no. is called :
            (A) Jamabandi               (B) Khasra                      (C) Girdawari                     (D) Lagan

24.       CAZRI (Central Arid Zone Research Institute) is situated at:
            (A) Jhunjhunu                (B) Jhalawar                  (C)  Jodhpur                      (D) Jaisalmer

25.       “Aakal Wood Fossil Park” is situated at:
            (A) Jaisalmer                 (B) Barmer                     (C) Bikaner                       (D) Jodhpur

26.       RIICO stands for:
            (A) Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation    
            (B) Rajasthan Industrial areas Investment Corporation                              
            (C) Rajasthan Industrial investment Corporation
            (D) None of these

27.       Petroleum has been discovered in Rajasthan in the districts of:
            (A) Barmer and Jaislmer                                      (B) Ganganagar and Sirohi
            (C) Sikar and Dholpur                                           (D) Jaipur and Jodhpur

28.       Which of the following can be related to Rajasthan?
            (A) Montane forests                                              (B) Wet Deciduous forests
            (C) Rain forests                                                    (D) Dry deciduous forests

29.       The other name given to Keoladev National Park is :
            (A) Sariska                                                            (B) Ghana
            (C) Desert Park                                                    (D) Deer Park

30.       Keoladev Ghana National Park is located in
            (A) Madhopur                 (B) Tonk                         (C) Bharatpur                    (D) Jaisalmer

31.       Desert National Park is located in
            (A) Madhopur                 (B) Tonk                         (C) Bharatpur                    (D) Jaisalmer

32.       How many states have common boundary with Rajasthan?
            (A) 7                               (B) 5                               (C) 4                                              (D) 3

33.       Ranthambore National Park is situated in the district :
            (A) Kota                                                                 (B) Sawai Madhopur
            (C)  Alwar                                                              (D) Bharatpur

34.       Smallest district of Rajasthan is:
            (A) Swai Madhopur        (B) Dungarpur                (C) Ajmer                          (D) Dausa

35.       Copper in Rajasthan found in:
            (A) Kishangarh               (B)Chittor                       (C) Ajmer                          (D) Khetri

36.       National Desert Park is also known as :
            (A) Fossil Park               (B) Keoladev                  (C) Sariska                        (D*) Mukundra

37.       Black Buck is found abundantly in :
            (A) Sita Mata                                                         (B) Jaisamand
            (C) Sajjangarh                                                       (D*) Tal Chappar

38.       Chambal Sanctuary is famous for :
            (A*) Gariyals                                                         (B) Deer
            (C) Chittal                                                              (D) Chinkara

39.       Machia Safari Park is situated in district :
            (A) Bharatpur                                                        (B*) Jodhpur
            (C) Jaisalmer                                                         (D) Ajmer

40.       Band Baretha Sanctuary is in which district?
            (A) Alwar                                                               (B*) Bharatpur
            (C) Jaipur                                                              (D) Jodhpur

Answer key:
01        (A)                   02        (B)                   03        (A)                   04        (B)                   05(D)
06        (D)                   07        (A)                   08        (D)                   09        (C)                   10(B)
11        (C)                   12        (A)                   13        (B)                   14        (C)                   15(D)
16        (A)                   17        (C)                   18        (A)                   19        (A)                   20(D)
21        (A)                   22        (B)                   23        (B)                   24        (C)                   25(A)
26        (A)                   27        (A)                   28        (D)                   29        (D)                   30(C)
31        (D)                   32        (B)                   33        (B)                   34        (D)                   35(D)
36        (D)                   37        (D)                   38        (A)                   39        (B)                   40(B)


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