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NTSE stage 1 paper 2013 Rajasthan

Social science

56.        The club which was most successful, constituted by  the men and women of France, after the Constitution of  1791 was:
            (1) Liberty club                                                        (2) Zollverein
            (3) Jacobin club                                                      (4) Equality club
Ans.     (3)
Sol.      After the Constitution of 1791; the most successful club was Jacobin, which got its name from the former convent of St. Jacob in Paris.

57.        The great Indians who were influenced by the thoughts of French Revolution were:
            (1) Haider Ali & Tipu Sultan                                      (2) Tipu  Sultan and Raja Rammohan Roy
            (3) Lala Laspat Rai & Tilak (4) Bahadur Shah Jafar & Laxmibai
Ans.     (2)
Sol.      In India, Raja Rammohan Roy and Tipu Sultan talked of the significance of the French Revolution.

58.        The use of wood was much needed in 1850s to spread the Indian Railway tracks. It was used:
            (1) In Buildings                                                        (2) In Railway wagons
            (3) In Furniture                                                         (4) In Sleepers
Ans.     (4)
Sol.      The spread of railways from the 1850s created a new demand. Railways were essential from colonial trade and for the movement of imperial troops.

59.        The shepherds of Himachal Pradesh are called:
            (1) Gujjar                          (2) Gaddi                         (3) Bakarwal                      (4)  Bhotia
Ans.     (2)
Sol.      The shepherds of Himachal Pradesh are called Gaddi.

60.        The first Indian community to start playing the game of Cricket was:
            (1) Parsis                         (2) Christian                      (3) Marathi                        (4) Bengalee
Ans.     (1)
Sol.      The first Indian community to start playing the game was the small community of Zoroastrians, the Parsis.

61.        The institution like Indian Parliament that was established after the French Revolution in France was:
            (1) Duma                                                                (2) Zollverein                    
            (3) House of Lords                                                  (4) National Assembly
Ans.     (4)
Sol.     The institution like Indian Parliament that was established after the French Revolution in France was National Assembly.

62.        The founder of ‘Hoa-Hao’ Movement in Vietnam was:
            (1) Confucius                   (2) Laotse                        (3) Huynh Phu So              (4) Liang Qichao
Ans.     (3)
Sol.      The founder of Hoa Hao movement in Vietnam was Huynh Phu so.

63.        In which conference were International Monetary Fund and World Bank  established?
            (1) Brussels                      (2) Bretton Woods            (3) Vienna                         (4) Washington
Ans.     (2)
Sol.      The Bretton woods conference established the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

64.        Bombay was a group of how many islands in 17th Century?
            (1) Seven                         (2) Nine                            (3) Eleven                         (4) Five
Ans.     (1)
Sol.      In the seventeenth century, Bombay was a group of seven islands under Portuguese control.

65.        In which text did Jyotiba Phule write about the injustices of Caste system?
            (1) Amar Jivan                  (2) Gulamgiri                    (3) Indirabai                      (4) Indralekha
Ans.     (2)
Sol.      Jyotiba Phule, the Maratha Pioneer of low caste protest movements, wrote about the injustices of the caste system in his ‘Gulamgiri’ (1871).

66.        Hill station located in Palani Hills is:
            (1) Panchmarhi                                                        (2) Kodaikanal
            (3) Udagamandalam                                                (4) Panchgani
Ans.     (2)
Sol.      Kodaikanal hill station is located in Palani Hills.

67.        The correct pair amongst the following is:
            (1) Chamba-River Chenab                                        (2) Kanchipuram-River Parvati
            (3) Nanded – River Godavari                                    (4) Ujjain – River Son
Ans.     (3)
Sol.      Chamba is in Himachal Pradesh and located on bank of river Ravi. Ujjain is at the bank of Shipra river. Nanded is at the bank of river Godavari.

68.        Match the following columns
            Column-I                         Column-II
            (A) Uttarakhand               (i) Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary
            (B) Assam                        (ii) Periyar Tiger Reserve
            (C) Rajasthan                   (iii) Manas Tiger Reserve
            (D) Kerala                        (iv) Corbett National Park
                        A                B             C             D                                                      
            (1)        (i)               (iii)           (ii)            (i)
            (2)        (iv)              (ii)            (i)            (iii)
            (3)        (iii)              (i)            (iv)           (ii)
            (4)        (iv)              (iii)           (i)            (ii)
Ans.     (4)
Sol.      Sariska wildlife sanctuary is in Rajasthan, Periyar Tiger Reserve is in Kerala, Manas is in Assam and Corbett National Park is in Uttarakhand.
69.        By using code, arrange the following cities of India from south to north:
            (A) Amritsar                                                             (B) Anantapur
            (C) Alwar                                                                 (D) Amaravati
            (1) B, C, D, A                                                          (2) B, D, C, A
            (3) D, C, B, A                                                          (4) D, B, A, C
Ans.     (2)
Sol.      Amritsar is in Punjab, Anantapur is in Andhra Pradesh, Alwar is in Rajasthan and Amaravati is in Maharashtra.

70.        Mango showers are :
            (1) Western disturbances in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh
            (2) Rainfall by north-east trade winds in coastal Tamil Nadu
            (3) Pre-monsoon rains in Kerala and Karnataka
            (4) Cloud burst in Khasi hills
Ans.     (3)
Sol.      Towards the close of the Summer Season, Pre Monsoon showers are common especially in Kerala and Karnataka. They help in the early ripening of mangoes, called mango showers.

71.        Consider the following statements:
            Assertion (A) : Manganese is used in the manufacturing of steel
            Reason (R) : Nearly 10 kilogram of manganese in needed to make one tonne of steel
            Select the correct option from the given alternatives:
            (1) (A) is true, but (R) is false
            (2) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is explanation of A
            (3) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not explanation of A
            (4) Both (A) and (R) are false
Ans.     (2)
Sol.      Manganese is mainly used in the manufacturing of steel and ferro-manganese alloy. Nearly 10 kg of manganese is required to manufacture one tonne of steel.

72.        Where is the national headquarters of Software Technology Park of India?
            (1) Bengaluru                    (2) Chennai                       (3) New Delhi                    (4) Pune
Ans.     (1)
Sol.      Bangalore has emerged as the electronic capital of India.

73.        National Highway-7 passes through how many states of India?
            (1) 6                                 (2) 5                                 (3) 8                                 (4) 7
Ans.     (1)
Sol.      National Highway 7 passes through 6 states of India. These are : - U.P., M.P., Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu.

74.        Consider the following statements and choose the correct option :
            Statement I : Humus content is less in Laterite soils.
            Statement II : Red laterite soils are suitable for crops of cashewnut.
            Statement III : Laterite soils are found in Kerala and Tamil Nadu
            (1) Statement I and Statement II are true, but Statement III is false
            (2) Statement II and Statement III are true, but Statement I is false
            (3) Statement I and Statement III are true, but Statement II is false
            (4) All the three Statements are true.
Ans.     (4)
Sol.      Humus content of the laterite soil is low because most of the micro organisms, particularly the decomposers, like bacteria, get destroyed due to high temperature. Found in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Assam. Red laterite soils are suitable for crops of cashewnut .

75.        According to Census 2011, the state having highest density of population is
            (1) Kerala                         (2) West Bengal                (3) Uttar Pradesh               (4) Bihar
Ans.     (4)
Sol.      The population density of Indian in the year 2011 was 382 persons per square km. Densities vary from 1, 102 person per sq./km in Bihar to only 17 person per sq./km in Arunachal Pradesh.

76.        Match List I with List II and select the correct answer :
List- I
List- II
Division of powers among organs of government
Community government
Division of powers between Centre and States
Coalition government
Sharing of powers among different social groups
Separation of powers
Sharing of powers between two or more than two parties
Federal government
                           A             B             C             D
            (1)           I              II              III             IV
            (2)           III             IV            I              II
            (3)           II              III             IV            I
            (4)           IV            III             II              I
Ans.     (2)
Sol.      Divisions of powers among organs called separation of powers, divisions of powers among government called federalism.
77.        The organ of government which makes laws is
            (1) Legislature                 (2) Executive                    (3) Judiciary                      (4) Press.
Ans.     (1)
Sol.      The organ of government which makes law is called legislature.

78.        The institution in which rd reservation for woman has been constitutionally given, is
            (1) Lok Sabha                                                          (2) State Legislature
            (3) Panchayati Raj institution                                    (4) Judiciary
Ans.     (3)
Sol.      Panchayati Raj or Local self government gives 1/3rd reservation to women.

79.        Which right of the Constitution of India negates the bonded labour and child labour?
            (1) Right to equality                                                (2) Right to liberty
            (3) Right to religious freedom                                   (4) Right against exploitation.
Ans.     (4)
Sol.      Right against exploitation of the Constitution of India negates the bonded labour and child labour.

80.        How many seats are reserved for Scheduled castes in the Lok Sabha?
            (1) 84                              (2) 47                               (3) 32                               (4) 22
Ans.     (1)
Sol.      84 seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes in Lok Sabha.

81.        ‘Maharashtrawadi Gomantak party’ is related to which state?
            (1) Maharashtra               (2) Goa                            (3) Kerala                          (4) Andhra Pradesh.
Ans.     (2)
Sol.      Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party is related to Goa.

82.        Who was the editor of ‘Young India’ magazine?
            (1) Jawaharlal Nehru                                                 (2) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
            (3) Mahatma Gandhi                                                (4) Bal Gangadhar Tilak.
Ans.     (3)
Sol.      Mahatma Gandhi was the editor of ‘Young India’ magazine.

83.        Which country holds ‘Veto Power’ in United Nations?
            (1) Germany                    (2) Japan                         (3) Italy                             (4) France.
Ans.     (4)
Sol.      There are 5 countries which holds ‘Veto Power’ in United Nations. These are U.S. Russia, U.K., France and China.

84.        Which state was created on the basis of culture, geography and ethnicity?
            (1) Uttarakhand                (2) Punjab                        (3) Gujarat                        (4) Maharashtra
Ans.     (1)
Sol.      Nagaland, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand was created on the basis of culture, geography and ethnicity.

85.        Match List–I with List-II and select the correct answer :
                        List – I                                                        List – II
            (1) Organization of employees                                 (I) Naramda Bachao Andolan
            (2) Long term movement                                          (II) Asom Gana Parishad
            (3) Support to common or general interest                (III) FEDECOR
            (4) Political party                                                     (IV) BAMCEF

                           A                   B                C                D
            (1)           III                   IV               II                 I
            (2)           I                    II                 IV               III
            (3)           IV                  I                 III                II
            (4)           II                    III                I                 IV.
Ans.     (3)
Sol.      Organisation of employees was FEDECOR. Long term movement was Narmada Bachao Andolan & Political party is Asom Gana Parishad.

86.        Which work of the following is an economic activity?
            (1) Teacher teaches his son
            (2) Service rendered by a wife to her sick husband.
            (C) Service to a patient rendered by a nurse
            (4) Growing vegetables in kitchen garden.
Ans.     (3)
Sol.      The activities which add value to the national income is called economic activities.

87.        People deposit money in the bank because
            (A) Get interest                                                       (B) Money remains secured
            (C) Money is used in country’s development             (D) Value of money increases.
            (1) A and  B                                                            (2) B and C
            (3) A, B and C                                                         (D) A, B, C and D.
Ans.     (3)
Sol.      People deposit money in the bank because money remains secured and get interest.Money is used in country”s development.

88.        Which of the following statements are true for National Rural Employment Guarantee Act?
            (A) Right to work with guarantee of job
            (B) 100 days employment in a year
            (C) Implemented in all the regions of the country
            (D) Provision of unemployment allowances.
            (1) A, B and C                 (2) B, C and D                  (3) A, B and D                  (D) A, B, C and D.
Ans.     (3)
Sol.      National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 was passed in September 2005. This Act provides 100 days employment.

89.        Since five years Lalita’s father is working in Government school as teacher. To purchase goods from a government ration shop which of the following cards should he possess?
            (A) BPL card                   (B) APL card                    (C) Andhar card                (D) Antyodaya card
Ans.     (2)
Sol.      There are three kinds of ration cards : - Antyodaya cards, BPL cards and APL cards.

90.        Which of the following statement are true for mid-day meal scheme?
            (A) Increase in attendance of children in school
            (B) Improvement in nutrition status of the children
            (C) Improvement in examination results of the children
            (D) Increase the interest towards games in the children.
            (1) A and B                     (B) B and C                      (C) A and D                      (D) C and D
Ans.     (1)
Sol.      Mid day meal scheme has been implemented to encourage attendance and retention of children and improve their nutritional status.

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